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Interreg maritime “NEPTUNE”

NEPTUNE (Underwater Natural and Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Management of Recreational Diving) is a project that is part of the Italy-France Maritime Cross-border Cooperation Program 2014-2020.
The project aims at creating a cross-border network of pilot underwater sites of high natural and cultural interest, managed and enjoyed in a sustainable manner. The general objective is to improve quality and quantity and to innovate management of recreational diving, to ensure it is sustainable and integrated into the cross-border area.

NEPTUNE project leader is Consorzio di Gestione dell’Area Marina Protetta di Portofino and its partners are Regione Liguria, Regione Sardegna, Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago Toscano, Parc National de Port-Cros, la Région Sud Provence – Alpes – Côte d’Azur and Centre de Découverte Mer et Montagne.


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