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Blue path of Bergeggi

Country: IT Region: Liguria Municipality: Bergeggi (SV)

Datum / reference system

WGS 84

Maximum depth


The “Sentiero blu di Bergeggi” is an over 2.5 km long swimming trail, bordered
by 27 buoys and located about 200 metres off the coast of Bergeggi.



Permit required

Cultural and


Description of the site of natural interest

The Sentiero Blu di Bergeggi is a “path” specially designed and created for snorkelling and swimming activities, easily recognisable and usable. It is located right in front of the coastline of the Municipality of Bergeggi, and is designed to encourage sustainable and conscious use of the sea. From snorkelling to apnea and open water swimming, from kayaking to sup excursions. The 27 buoys that form the path mark off an area not accessible to motor boats, reserved for lovers of swimming and other disciplines with a low environmental impact, increasing their safety. Accessible from May to the end of September, its 2.5 km length makes it one of the longest paths of its kind in Italy. The “Sentiero Blu di Bergeggi” covers an area of great scenic, environmental and historical-cultural value. The crystal-clear waters, the posidonia meadows, the sea caves that open up at the foot of the cliffs and the island of Bergeggi, the true heart of the marine protected area. As evidence of the area’s great attractiveness for water sports, the area has long been the scene of the important swimming event Swimtheisland, which every year brings to these waters, thousands of athletes and open-water swimming enthusiasts.

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